Influencer Marketing in 2020: #paid’s Performance Report

Does influencer marketing work?

That’s the number one question brands ask us when they’re considering their first influencer marketing campaign. 

And we get it – influencer marketing can seem like a black box if it isn’t handled with care (or proper measurement of ROI). 

Over the last five years, influencer marketing has evolved from niche marketing tactic to an essential part of any direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing strategy. Within that time, influencer marketing has grown to become a $5-$10 billion industry.  

In 2020, nearly two thirds of marketers will increase their influencer marketing budgets, compared to 39% in 2018.

We’re not surprised – 89% of marketers also say that influencer marketing ROI is comparable or even better than other marketing channels.

People buy products when someone they trust says they love something. Almost 40% of Twitter users say they’ve bought a product because of a tweet from a creator. 

The match between brand and creator is the key to unlocking this kind of magic – and #paid is, according to G2 users, the gateway of choice between brands and creators. 

We stand at the intersection of “what do I do about TikTok?” and “how are creators using Instagram reels?” 

Our role is to know the answers to those questions and guide DTC marketers on how to make the most of established and emerging platforms. 

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2020 Influencer Marketing Stats

  • Brands make an average of $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing
  • 61% of marketers think it’s difficult to find the right creators for their campaigns
  • 45% of people in North America are using some sort of ad blocker
  • 17% of marketers are spending more than half of their total marketing budget on influencer marketing

Since #paid was founded in 2013, we’ve seen a lot of companies like ours pop up. 

We’re not surprised – influencer marketing exploded the way we anticipated it would when we became the first company of our kind to match brands with creators. 

Seven years later, #paid is now a Leader in the Influencer Marketing category on G2.

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