Collaboration Contracts: They are Legal Agreements

Congrats! A brand wants to work with you on a collaboration and just sent through an influencer agreement to sign. Before you sign your name on the dotted line, there are some aspects to take into consideration. After all a collaboration contract, no matter how casual it is, is still a binding legal contract. In this post, I’m outlining 5 tips for dealing with influencer agreements.

1. Ask for an influencer agreement

At times, sponsorship contracts might not exist, or you might get asked to do sponsored posts via email, messenger, or over the phone. Always get things in writing, ideally in the form of a contract. If you’ve had previous contracts in the past, you can use them as a precedent to create new contracts for future opportunities. You can also look up examples online and adapt them to the project and client.

2. make sure the terms are spelled out correctly

It happens, people are busy and mistakes can be made. Before signing an influencer agreement, even if the brand team needs it signed ASAP, take the time to look over the agreement. You can also ask a business partner or seek legal advice to ensure the terms, deliverables, compensation, and parties are spelled out correctly. Don’t be afraid to go back and ask for corrections or changes.

3. Negotiate

Blogging contracts are just that, contracts, and they can and should be negotiated on! If you’re uncomfortable with an item in the contract, ask for a revision. An item to watch out for is exclusivity. This can, and will, restrict your ability to work with other brands. You should be comfortable with terms like these and make sure they’re not too broad.

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Another item that I always think about is the use of your content or images. If you’re not comfortable with a brand using your likeness on a campaign beyond your own blog or social posts, make sure that’s clear. The last thing you want is agreeing to your image being used on billboards and not being compensated accordingly! Keep in mind that if you use a professional photographer, they might limit the use of their images as well. It helps to be aware of these intellectual property issues and make sure you know what you’re agreeing to.  

Lastly, don’t be afraid to negotiate your rate. Provide your rate card or previous work to make a case for why you should be compensated accordingly. This article has an excellent overview of classic negotiation techniques, but geared for the blogger. Negotiation is a dance, but it’s amazing when both parties come to a happy medium.

4. confidentiality

As an influencer, it’s important to act professionally. Respect the terms of your agreements and if there’s a confidentiality clause, it’s important to respect that too. While it might be tempting to compare rates with your colleagues, the blogging community is small and close-knit—all you have is your reputation and integrity.

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5. Meet the contract’s terms

While influencer agreements can seem casual at times, you should approach them with a professional mindset and meet all the terms, deliverables, and deadlines in a timely manner. If you need an extension for a deliverable, you can ask to amend the contract. It’s a good idea to get any agreed upon extensions or amendments in writing. While email might suffice, if there’s a dispute, an amended contract might be more reliable, depending on how sophisticated or complicated the contract is.


The great thing about working with #paid is that we take care of all this for you. When you opt-in to a campaign, you are entering the agreement. We provide everything you need to know in the campaign brief and you can view your contract by logging into your profile, clicking collaborations, clicking the collaboration you want to access, clicking the three dots on the top right corner, and pressing collab agreement. There are no negotiations on your end as we work on your behalf to get you paid your rate that you set. As long as you meet the requirements of the contract we set out, you’ll get paid, in full, and on time.

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Disclaimer: the author of this blog does not intend this post to be a source of legal advice.

Natalie Ast is a Toronto-based student-at-law and fashion blogger at Nataliastyle. From suits to sneakers, she loves sharing her style tips with a young professional twist.

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