The Importance of Events/Activations/Meet & Greets

As content creators, it is easy to get caught up in the online world. However, we need to remember the importance of face-to-face networking to be able to establish more meaningful partnerships & relationships. Whether it may be with a brand, PR agency, or other content creators, attending events/activations/meet & greets and being able to make real connections beyond your emails will go a long way in elevating your business. Read further for the importance of events/activations/meet & greets!

events/activations/meet & greets
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1. A chance to show brands your personality and a further look at your brand. 
When it comes to events and activations, being able to show face with the representative brand can go a long way. It can really establish a way more personal relationship with the brand, especially if you have already been emailing them for the past little while. Brands like to know that the content creators they are working with are a great representation of their brand in more ways than just through content. When you show up to an event and have a great conversation with the brand, it can really help to be kept top of mind for future opportunities when they know you more personally. Ultimately, these events are a great way to show your personality & a further look into who you are & what your brand is all about!

2. Connecting with PR agencies for future opportunities. 
Often times, the events for various brands are being organized by public relations agencies. Attending these events is a great time to get the chance to establish great relationships with the agencies as well which could maybe lead to future collaborations and event opportunities! While you—of course—need to be a great fit for the brand, being someone that the agency also wants to work with goes a long way. Having a great attitude, showing your interest and passion for what you do, and being engaged in the event that they have organized, are great ways to establish that connection with the agencies.

events/activations/meet & greets
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3. A chance to create content & show your interest in the brand.
Most of these events are often set up to be super social media friendly. Meaning that they will have a hashtag set up, areas to take cute photos of the products, etc. Being able to create some quick content for Insta-stories or possibly your feed, can be a great way to show your interest in the brand and also see if your followers engage with the brand as well. It can almost be seen as a little test for yourself and the brand to see if you could be a great fit for more established partnerships.

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4. Meeting other content creators to possibly collaborate with/establish great friendships!
This is also a great opportunity to meet other content creators who have similar interests as you do. Being able to collaborate with other creators is a great way to elevate your content as well—read our article: “Collaborating with other content creators to create content“—to learn more about its benefits! Whether setting up a meet & greet with other content creators, or even meeting others at events/activations, it can be an amazing way to establish lifelong friendships that can carry with you through your career.

5. Making a name for yourself in the industry through events/activations/meet & greets.
Ultimately, showing face at events/activations/meet & greets can help establish your name in the industry and increase the longevity of your career. While having amazing content and communication skills via email can help establish your career in the short-term, creating face-to-face relationships will truly help your career in the long-term. It helps to establish a true “face” to your brand and other people in the industry will be able to recognize you on a more personal level, while also remembering you when the next big opportunity comes up!

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Natalie is a fashion/lifestyle influencer and freelance social media manager from downtown Toronto. You will most likely spot her shopping for the latest street-style trends or walking in the city with her mini wiener dog, Louie. On Instagram, she goes by @natalie.alysa. Natalie is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.