IGTV: Pros, Cons, and Who Does It Best

IGTV is one of the newest features to hit the Instagram platform. It was originally created with the intent to allow influencers to post longer-form video. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of using IGTV and take a look at who’s already a master at using it:


  • First platform with Vertical Viewing

    • Instagram is the first social media platform to embrace vertical video. While other platforms like Youtube and Twitter offer horizontal viewing, Instagram recognized that most users are consuming content on their mobile devices with a vertical screen and decided to incorporate that into IGTV.
  • maintain your Followers

    • Ready to start posting video content but nervous about starting a brand new account on YouTube? IGTV allows you to maintain your following and still diversify your content. Now there is no need to start back at 0 when you’ve already worked so hard to build your audience.
  • Long Form Video

    • We all know the IG Story struggle—you are in the middle of shooting great video content and suddenly get cut off due to the time limit. With IGTV, users can upload up to 10 minutes of video. Some verified users can even upload up to 1 hour of content.



  • Lack of Monetization

    • While many users might see the lack of advertisements on IGTV as a plus, it proposes a serious problem for creators who use their platforms to make money. Other platforms, like YouTube, offer several ways for creators to monetize their channels based on views and pre-roll ads.
  • Difficult Navigation

    • For lack of a better term, I personally found IGTV to be clunky. IGTV allows you to browse videos posted by people you follow as well as suggested videos. However, it was difficult to actually search for other users on IGTV. Overall, I found the interface challenging to navigate.
  • Smartphone Only

    • IGTV does not have the ability to be viewed on larger screens.



Sephora- Makeup Tutorials

Sephora is really taking advantage of everything IGTV has to offer with their series of makeup tutorials. The longer-form content allows their creators to upload full tutorials vs. a sneak peak, like “Where To Apply Bronzer” and “Day To Night Beauty”.

Kylie- Behind The Scenes

Kylie Jenner uses IGTV to provide followers with a “behind the scenes” look at her life. From “Behind The Scenes At My Forbes Cover Shoot” to candid vlog-style videos, Kylie is definitely an IGTV master.

Tasty- Food Tutorials

Who doesn’t love a delicious ‘Tasty’ tutorial? While their quick, 60 second tutorials are great for simple recipes, their IGTV channel allows them to go more in depth with each step. A few of their recent uploads include, “Making A 4-Flavor Cheesecake” and “Stir Fry Inspired By Migos”.

Crafty- DIY Videos

From “How To Make A Summer Planter” to “DIY Gold Stamps,” Crafty uses IGTV to give their followers detailed play-by-plays on how to tackle various projects and crafts.

While the future of IGTV is unknown, for now it offers a promising opportunity for creators to further engage and connect with their audience.

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Marissa is a radio personality turned lifestyle influencer who loves all things beauty, fashion, and travel. You can follow her on Instagram at @MarissaOnAir. She is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.

Photo by Expect Best from Pexels