Amplifying Campaigns Through The Power of Influencer Marketing

The smartest brands and agencies are amplifying campaigns through the power of influencer marketing, by tying their existing campaigns to influencer campaigns. It is important to find the balance between the current creative direction and the input of the influencers you choose to work with. In the case of amplification, collaborating with influencers has more to do with how to spread a predetermined message, than crafting a new one.

When your brand is looking to influence the purchasing patterns of consumers through someone else’s voice, the most important thing to do is solicit feedback as early as possible so your campaign can react to any changes or opportunities accordingly.

1. Select the Right Influencers

When selecting influencers for a campaign, it is crucial to focus on establishing brand fit as well as campaign fit from the onset. Find influencers that have already shown an authentic affinity towards the campaign you’ve designed for the brand. It’s not enough to find influencers who are brand users or ambassadors, they should also be aligned with your specific content or key message.

2. Demonstrate Social Proof for the Campaign

Influencers want to be a part of the larger picture. With an integrated campaign that is multi-platform and multi-dimensional (reaching other audiences via mediums such as traditional media, PR, or other social networks) it is important to show the influencer that they are contributing to something that is already awesome.

Show them the Traction

When they are working on a campaign, which already has traction and authentic engagement, where their role is to amplify it, it’s far more effective to get influencers excited and want to become a part of the bigger movement. Excitement is contagious and when they care about the campaign, influencers are able to amplify your viral brand message authentically.

Axe #Selfmaker Instagram Influencer Campaign
Axe’s #Selfmaker campaign got influential entrepreneurs and musicians involved in a campaign that they amplified through Instagram Influencers

3. Pick Your Sticking Points and Parameters

Remember: while it is important to give artistic license to the influencer you are working with, you have to balance it with the core objectives of your campaign. Figuring out the most important elements of the campaign in advance, your “sticking points”, will help give influencers an idea of what they need to do in order to meet your objectives. This includes specific imagery, social tags and hashtags.

Example of Sticking Points

  • The product’s branding must be in clear sight
  • The product’s name must be included as an action the influencer is taking (drinking x, wearing y)
  • The brand has to be tagged @brandname
  • #brandstory needs to be included within the first 100 characters
  • There must be a call-to-action for followers to use the #brandstory

Example Parameters:

  • The ways in which the product can be integrated into the influencer’s lifestyle— elements of that lifestyle reflected must be family friendly
  • The ways in which the brand prefers to receive praise from the influencer as being something they use, and trust— the influencer has license to interpret what that means for their own audience
  • Additional hashtags must be approved by the brand in advance

4. Provide Access to as Many Campaign Assets as Possibleori.ginals-instagram-influencer-marketing

When you give your roster of influencers the underlying message that you want to communicate clearly and offer them some of the brand/campaign assets, they can are able to design and create content that matches the overall campaign. Sometimes influencers will have different perspectives than marketers, and will want to use assets that otherwise wouldn’t be used. If these are items that you have already invested in and are on-brand and on-message, let them have it and be creative! Let loose a little bit and let the influencer do what they’re good at – they’re the experts in reaching their audience, after all.

The result? Authentic brand engagement with followers. Our influencers have inspired, motivated, and moved their followers with the stories they tell, they have the ability to do this with your brand campaigns too.