How to Collaborate with an Instagram Influencer


Working with influencers will typically involve a back and forth exchange of ideas around how to create the most compelling piece of content. This is the most important component of a successful campaign.

Maxime Houde-Shulman (aka @YourGirlMax), Head of Influencer Talent at #paid and an influencer with extremely high engagement, explains: “When you change the voice of the influencer for the brand, it doesn’t work. Sponsored content has to look and sound like the influencer, because their followers have gotten used to their voice and have chosen to follow them because they like what they do.”

The best practice in influencer marketing is to give the influencer creative freedom to bring the campaign to life, but ensure the brand team approves content before it’s posted to ensure it meets the marketing goals.”

While it is possible to manage a dozen collaborations with influencers over email, it can definitely be a challenge. If you are managing your campaigns this way, we suggest using a simple CRM solution, a spreadsheet to keep notes, or the #paid system that organizes all collaboration communications for you.