How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

It is important to see your brand’s Instagram Feed as a source of visual inspiration for your target customers rather than a place to blatantly push products. Build your brand on Instagram with these 7 tips to help your brand earn the trust, engagement, and support of a dedicated Instagram following.

1. Followers find your feed.

Your Feed is like your home page, make sure it’s optimized to convert visitors to followers

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Your feed is the Instagram equivalent of your home page. It is the first thing people see when they click through to your profile. Visits to see your feed is how potential new followers and customers see your page when you are mentioned by someone else, and when to click your handle on an Instagram ad.

Would you follow a brand that clutters your experience on Instagram with advertising and poor quality photography?

2. Say it in 105 Characters or Less

The benefits of brevity are not exclusive to Twitter – 

Don’t get cut off by Instagram. Keep your captions under 105 characters to ensure your message doesn’t have to be expanded to be received. Short captions are especially important when creating a brief for an influencer campaign. #Hashtags and @Mentions should all be “above the fold.” In other words, people will only really see the first part of your message so make each character count.

4. 2% of People Make 98% of the Noise Online

Pareto’s principle gets exaggerated when it comes to online content, @WeeklyChris gets more comments than you have followers.

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Whether you choose to call them influencers or not – content creators with reach are rare to find. Brands often struggle to build critical mass on social platforms. Reach requires an innate understand of how to resonate with audiences and the ability to appeal authentically to followers. Take advantage of the voices that make the most noise by partnering with Influencers. It’s how Daniel Wellington Built a $200M Buisness Out of Cheap Watches. How would you use influencers to build your brand on Instagram?

4. Get 57% More Engagement by @Mentioning

Mentioning an influencer, customer, or partner makes your posts more engaging

Connect your brand to customers, consumers and content creators by interacting with them. Communicate that your brand wants to be a part of Instagram’s community and not an interruption of their experience and users will reward you by following your brand. Instagram is a space to keep customers engaged for an extended period, don’t abuse the ability to reach them directly with half-hearted marketing messages.

5. Create a #BrandTag

Evangelize a brand’s fans with an aspirational tag to identify with

Social Media Platforms like Instagram are as much about building community as they are your social channel. Having an identifiable way for your customers to represent your brand gives you the ability to convert all of your current fans into evangelists. Give your community the ability to identify that they are a part of your tribe and engage with them when they show they care. Whether that is commenting or re-posting photos with permission, use your platform to incentivize them to share their photos with you.

6. Engage your Community

When people choose to interact with you, see it as an opportunity to increase engagement

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Instagram is a social network. Be social. Get into the conversation happening in your feed. Interact with fans who have mentioned or tagged your brand.  A little bit of interaction goes a long way. Building your community will enable you to build your brand on Instagram

7. It’s Integral To Integrate Instagram

Extend the content you are creating on Instagram across other marketing channels

Screenshot 2016-02-05 15.44.47 Screenshot 2016-02-08 14.43.19
The content created by influencers and fans can add additional value to your marketing initiatives and brand building. Whether it is your website or another social network, integrating the content, you create on Instagram with the rest of your marketing programs will increase the value of those programs ensuring a consistent omnichannel presence that resonates with consumers.