How Miley Cyrus Maintains an Amazing Social Media Presence

No matter what you think of music icon Miley Cyrus, one thing is undeniable, the way she markets her personal brand on social media is nothing short of genius. Over the past few years, the singer has stayed in headlines consistently, using her social network presence to its fullest potential.

People Magazine, E-online and MTV all cover the artist’s latest campaign “Instapride” on Instagram, and the campaign’s rise to success. Cyrus does more than just launch this campaign; she embodies it. What really drives this campaign above and beyond is how much she cares and isn’t afraid to show the world, posting 20+ photos in the span of 3 days across all platforms, reaching over 85 million fans. Here are 3 ways Miley Cyrus is being innovative with social media.

1. Stay Genuine: she keeps authority.

Miley remains genuine with her fans and followers by keeping a range of content on her social media. Everything from her messy hair selfies to articles she’s mentioned in and wants to promote. She’s the authority on herself, she is the reliable source for updates about Miley.

2. Give a little, get a lot.

Imagine this: being actually social on social media. Bring others to collaborate on your platforms with you: they’re part of your life, then they’re part of your image. And when you make the effort to get others involved, they appreciate it! They’ll share their experience and you’ll expand your network. The value you get from sharing a story with a prominent figure in any community (big or small) is beyond anything an ad campaign could give you.

Miley used her connections with celebrities like Joan Jett, Ariana Grande, and many others to show her organic experience with them and to make them part of her brand experience.

3. Take a stand: Commit to what your brand is, and don’t look back.

It’s no secret that Miley’s digital presence is unique and that’s because she doesn’t shy away from clearly defining what her brand is. When someone is trying to simply follow trends and isn’t taking a stand for what they believe in online, customers can tell. It’s important to really commit to the image your brand wants, and remain consistent.


Kelly Kitagawa is a Badass blogger/vlogger/strategist/Director and Queer Feminist Freak.