How Frank & Oak Used Influencer Marketing to Crowdfund Pop-Up Shops

Frank & Oak, an online retailer of men’s apparel and goods, is a leader in brand innovation. After mastering online e-commerce, Frank & Oak decided to expand its brick and mortar locations into the United States after successful stops in Toronto, and their hometown, Montreal. However, they did not want to blindly venture into another country without extensive research.

By deciding to use Tilt to handle the crowdfunding of each location, Frank & Oak sought feedback from its customer base to determine which city would host a pop-up shop. The rules were simple; between March 26 to April 8, customers were able to purchase a gift card between $10-$3000 to contribute to a city’s fund.  

Relying greatly on consumer feedback, Frank & Oak essentially made each customer a contributing member. CEO Ethan Song said, “We want to hear from the people that we create for. Our goal is to create dynamic physical experiences that embody our digital presence” (source)

To further ensure the success of the campaign, Frank & Oak employed 10 influencers across the United States. Utilizing the engagement power of Instagram, Frank & Oak created engaging stories and utilized the creativity of each social media content creator. Reaching over 500,000 people, the brand resonated with various audiences; gaining over 2,200 new followers with over 15,000 engagement touchpoints. Influencers such as Erick Hercules and Danny Owens were exceptional in highlighting their respective cities, Brooklyn and Seattle, while organically mentioning Frank & Oak’s initiatives on the crowdfunding campaign. 

erick hercules

By using Tilt in combination with #paid and capitalizing on the synergy between the two platforms, Frank & Oak was able to successfully crowdfund six cities (Boston, Manhattan, Washington, Brooklyn, Chicago, and  Philadelphia) with a seventh city, San Francisco just missing the threshold. Understanding the importance of social media and influencer marketing, Frank & Oak created a community within its customers, which will only further their success as they continue to share their passion of men’s fashion in the United States. 

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