How Emerging Brands Can Leverage Instagram

As the owner of a brand that is growing quickly, you know the edge that you have over your larger competition. Your brand has a dedicated following, who resonates with your unique spin on the mainstream, and are not only consumers but advocates for your company.

Instagram is a great medium for high-growth brands to keep their supporters engaged, and expand to new audiences. The platform is primarily geared towards images and short videos, which is ideal especially for small brands for a number of reasons.

1. Instagram Maximizes Engagement

Everyone knows the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the effect on viewers reflects this as well. Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 higher than Twitter.

2. Photos Are Easier to Consume

Scrolling through your Facebook feed, it’s easy to miss the numerous status updates of your friends, but harder to miss a new profile picture, posted photo, or video. Likewise, on Instagram, the feed is entirely made up of photos and videos, increasing the chance that your followers are actually engaged and viewing your content.

3. The Right Intention

Facebook is easily the largest social media platform, but it has since branched out to other mediums. Users might only log on to use Messenger, find info on an event, or just to play their favourite game. On Instagram, the primary motive is to browse photos and discover new people and brands.

Instagram is also home to a plethora of influencers; users with a specific focus or image who have built a following of thousands of people who regularly consume and engage with their content. Amanda’s Instagram feed shows the life of a young couple with a newborn daughter, and attracts a similar following.

Influencers present an amazing opportunity for small brands to amplify their message and attract new customers. While large brands may go for volume and a variety of audiences, as a small brand, you know exactly what type of person your message resonates with. This makes it a lot easier to find an influencer to work with, and makes for a more integrated campaign.

Le Lait, a new French milk brand, collaborated with Carolane on this piece as part of their campaign. Their appeal to young Francophone families was perfect for Carolane, who showed off their product with her daughter.

The campaign was a huge win for Carolane as well; this post performed 3x better than her previous one in terms of likes and comments. Her success proves that campaigns don’t have to be intrusive, and can actually add to the influencer’s brand.

Emerging brands also win in multiple ways by using influencers. Le Lait is new to Instagram, and gained direct exposure through Carolane’s engaged following, opposed to attempting to build up their own Instagram following through sponsored content or other mediums.

Influencer marketing is a new avenue of marketing that has a proven track record of helping small brands get their message out. Regardless of your focus, there are influencers waiting to collaborate with you to run a campaign that benefits the both of you.

Ready to get started? Tell us a bit more about your brand and we’ll find influencers that would love to work with you.