How Creators Can Work (and Continue to) with Brands

Today on the blog, we want to introduce you to our Director of Accounts, David Hogan. Since joining #paid 2 years ago, he has worked closely alongside brands and creators and has a wealth of experiences to share about successfully collaborating together. When it comes to running a campaign smoothly, he’s our go-to for expertise on both the creator and brand side and what both parties need to do in order to ensure a positive experience.

For creators, a successful campaign is defined beyond just taking a beautiful photo and posting it. Coupled with having an eye for taking a good photo, the skill of conveying a brand’s message effectively with personal flare is integral when it comes to communicating a message to your followers. It’s the art of storytelling that makes creators so powerful for brands to work with.

#paid's Account Strategic Director, David Hogan
#paid’s Director of Accounts, David Hogan

What is day-to-day like in your role?

My day-to-day is busy to say the least. I’m constantly in-and-out of meetings regarding overall company strategy while managing the Accounts Team as they are executing campaigns. In a nutshell I oversee all campaigns to ensure that they are being properly managed and meeting our client’s expectations. Broadly speaking, my responsibilities include hiring Accounts team members, approving campaign proposals, overseeing campaign kick-offs, reviewing campaign results and managing the Accounts team to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I’m also responsible for liaising with the executive team at #paid to ensure the necessary resources are provided for the Accounts team to function efficiently.

Keys to a Smooth Collaboration w/ Director of Accounts, David Hogan

How do you recruit creators for a campaign you’re working on?

The power of #paid’s matching algorithm exists in its ability to use data and insights to match the right creators for each campaign. Our team uses this algorithm to provide us with a list of the best recommendations to fulfill each campaigns’ specific requirements. After the recommendations list is produced, our team individually curates a roster from these lists to ensure every creator suggested is an authentic fit. A pure data-based solution has significant limitations.

Data gets you most of the way there, but we believe data and a team are much more powerful.”

And while any creator can sign-up to be part of our platform, our team relies on our matching algorithm to provide us with insight on statistics of each creator such as the average engagement, past collaborations, and specific niches in order to create these reliable matches.

How Creators Can Create Great Brand Campaigns w/ Director of Accounts, David Hogan

Tell us about a recent campaign that produced content that stood out to you and why?

A recent campaign that stands out in my eyes was one that we did with Canadian Tire. We collaborated with a group of creators to promote the Woods™ product line and all of the content that was submitted blew us away. The integration of the brand and the sponsored posts were completely in line with the style of content that each creator produced. The brand was very impressed with the submissions and all of the creators were such a perfect fit for the campaign. These are some examples of the phenomenal photos that we received:


Tell us about a time when an creator exceeded your expectations. What did they do that was so special?

One of the most memorable experiences with a creator was for an RBC campaign. We sent a group to Rio for the Olympics and everything went smoothly. One creator in particular, Chloe (@chloevictoria86), exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond the required asks. When submitting content to the brand to select, instead of sending through the bare minimum, she provided us with a wide range of options that demonstrated that she put in effort to integrate the feel of the entire campaign. She was also quick to follow up whenever we were communicating, and was always flexible with requests. Working with Chloe was seamless, easy, and defined what a professional relationship with a creator should look like.

What category of creators do you find are most in demand?

The world of social media is constantly evolving and changing, and the world of marketing is always racing to catch up with its demands. At the moment, parents (in particular fathers) are particularly in high-demand. Social media isn’t just for the young crowd anymore. We’re also seeing a trend where brands are interested in partnering with creators who are already aligned with their product as well.

Authenticity is also key, when it comes down to selecting who to work with. Brands are understanding that it isn’t very realistic for someone to partner with and post about 10+ different car brands, because the average consumer doesn’t own 10 cars. So as they’re getting smarter about who they’re working with, a realistic voice is becoming higher and higher in demand.

While there are a lot of people with large followings, to be a successful creator, you need to know how to integrate brands into your posts in a natural, authentic way. Partnering and working closely with the #paid team on your sponsored content can lead to a successful career as a creator.

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