How to Host an Instameet in Your Community

First and foremost, I want to define the term Instameet since it may not be a term that everyone is familiar with. According to Instagram, an Instameet is an organized group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together. It can happen anywhere, be a group of any size, and can be a great opportunity to connect and share tips and tricks with other creators in your community.

Instagram actually sets a theme each year for a #WorldwideInstameet that anyone on Instagram can participate in. They’ve done 16 so far; the last one in September 2017. The theme of #16 was “Kind Comments” and tens of thousands of people worldwide joined the movement using the hashtag #WWIM16.

It’s easy to participate in an Instameet – you can even host your own locally! The goal behind each Instameet should be to bring together like-minded creators. Every person will have a distinct personal style, so you will ultimately end up capturing the same location and theme in a bunch of completely different ways.

Here are five simple steps to make your Instameet a success:

Location, Location, Location

This is probably the most obvious: find an insta-worthy location. Think outside the box and be sure to consider the diversity and number of people that will be attending. Find a place that has more than one backdrop to make sure there is a variety of areas to shoot.

Setting the date and time

Light is critical when it comes to high quality photography, so you will need to plan for a time when the light is optimal for shooting. Try and choose a day that doesn’t see a lot of action during the week so you can get the largest possible group together. Sundays are typically a quiet day in most cities, but try to base your decision on the group you plan to invite.

Make a #Hashtag for the Instameet

Every Instameet needs it’s own hashtag to track the content associated with it after the meet up is over.  It is best to create a short, specific hashtag that has never been used before so you can track all the images taken during the Instameet easily.

Announce & Invite

You will need to spread the word about your Instameet to get other Instagrammers involved. Partner with other creators to invite their network of followers, or simply post to your own page continuously. Writing blogs and posting infographics leading up to the day of the Instameet are great ways to get people excited and inform them of the theme and hashtag before the event.

Make Connections

Instameets are ultimately about people. You want to make sure the people you invited to your event feel as comfortable as possible. Perhaps you’ll make name tags? Maybe think about partnering with a brand you love to sponsor food and bev?  Like anything in life, find what makes you different and bring that to the party. You definitely want to make your Instameet memorable so your guests will want to come back to the next one. 

examples of #instameets:






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