Growing Your Instagram Following: Best Feature Accounts To Get Noticed

Wondering how to grow your Instagram following? If you are posting visually stunning, high quality photos on Instagram, why not try to get them featured on related pages? Having your photo featured on a larger account is a quick and effective way to get noticed and drive traffic to your personal page, ultimately growing your Instagram following.

Here are some huge accounts that frequently seek out new photos to feature!


Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 10.53.50 AM

@Visual.architects is a page devoted to photographs containing clean lines and structural designs. If you’re one to shoot buildings or city skylines, then this is definitely the feature page for you. Tag photos #visualarchitects to be considered.

@Minimal_people is another great feature page for architecture lovers who incorporate a subject in there shots. The people in the photo are never the focus but it does add a great layer of perspective. This page is definitely targeted to a specific style, so if  you have a similar shot tag #minimalpeople to be considered for their daily feature.


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@Ootdmagazine is probably one of the most popular fashion pages for women on Instagram. The hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day) is flooded with millions of photos, so it may be difficult to get noticed using just that. Luckily this page features several different photos a day and they accept submissions through email (


Don’t let your cute outfit go to waste, @streetstyleinspirations is a fashion page that constantly shouts out stylish Instagrammers. They keep it easy and accept submissions through DM or email (


@Createcommune is an artist collective that showcases the beauty of the outdoors, whether it’s a landscape shot in the middle of nowhere or a street photo in an urban city. This page is pretty diverse. Try using the hashtag #createcommune if you feel like you have a breath-taking, high quality photo that is aesthetically pleasing.

@way2ill_ Instagram Page September 2016

For all the street photographers who love the grit and realness of street photography, @way2ill_ is a page you should have your eyes on. They feature photos about 2-3 times a day, the only criteria is that your photo needs to be next-level dope. Seriously, the photos on this page are insanely good. For a chance to get featured tag #way2ill.


@travelawesome Instagram Page September 2016

If you took your DSLR on vacation and came back with some high-res vacation photos then @travelawesome is a page you should check out. They often feature photos of tropical beaches, so keep this page in mind for your next all inclusive getaway. Tag #travelawesome to get noticed.


@worldadventures_ Instagram Page September 2016

@Worldadventures_ is not as popular as other travel pages, but targeting a smaller page can give you a better chance at being featured. Scrolling through there feed you will notice they like to select unique photos that have a peaceful essence to them. Try your chance at getting featured by using #StayAdventurous.

Now that you’ve discovered a few feature accounts to target and get featured by, time to get out there and grow your Instagram following, so more people can discover your work. Keep shooting and posting.


Beza is #paid’s Community Lead