Why You Should Get Personal on Social Media

Back in the day, writers, artists, and painters were mostly limited to expressing their talents in the privacy of their own home or studio before seeking out a person of influence willing to showcase their work to the world. It took an immense amount of time and resources to connect with the right network of powerful individuals who’d ultimately have the ability to spread awareness about your work.

Today, it’s generally a lot easier to get discovered for your talents thanks to social media. Platforms like Instagram and Youtube have provided the perfect outlet for creators to take control of their own popularity. One of the biggest challenges our community faces despite the ease of entry into the industry?  Breaking through the conversational clutter formed by the millions of other micro- and macro influencers around the world.

@stellinaxvii – former blogger Justine Iaboni turned truth-teller and song-writer, isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

So… how do you break through all the “noise” and ensure that your content is actually noticed by those who matter? It all comes down to getting personal.

Queen of authenticity and major macro-influencer, @chrissyteigen

We’ve talked about ways to organically grow your audience in the past. Now, how do you connect with them more authentically? Think of your audience like a pack of wild wolves. If you post something dishonest or untrue to your brand, they’ll sniff it out and call your bluff, either directly by commenting or indirectly by unfollowing. That’s why it is so important to only share opinions that are honest and resonate with your actual beliefs.

Now, it’s time to get personal!

Tell your followers what you’re feeling and why. Be honest with them about what works and what doesn’t work when putting your creativity to the test. Post the less picturesque parts of your day. Start a conversation about your past experiences and look for guidance and support from your followers. Sharing things like this will help you to improve the quality of your engagement, continue to build a more authentic following, and start more meaningful conversations.

@biancavenerayan makes her commitment to self-love and exploration shine through her platforms

Getting personal can feel risky, but that’s ok! Don’t hesitate to share things just because you fear you may lose followers – chances are, those people probably aren’t the audience you are trying to reach anyway. Your true, authentic audience will remain loyal to your page regardless because they value your opinions and want to hear what you have to say.

Featured Image via Kickstagram

Ready to start creating for brands that are an authentic fit for you and your audience?



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