5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

Move over, Martha Stewart! Today’s generation of culinary mavens are giving Martha, Gordon, Wolfgang and other superstar chefs a run for their money. Using Instagram, these food bloggers have amassed millions of followers, inspiring all of us to think beyond instant ramen.

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport,” says the queen of cooking herself, Julia Child. If that’s true, the following food bloggers just made it to the Superbowl.

Mark Wiens – @migrationology

YouTube star, Mark Wiens, is part world traveler, part foodie, and his account invites you to the farthest reaches of the earth to check out the scrumptious (and curious) things people eat abroad. Follow him to expand your culinary and travel horizons, and you’ll walk away with an authentic appreciation of just how diverse our many cultures can be.

Mark’s latest posts share buffalo bile from the Hmong people, chicken curry from a Thai village, and braised beef fire pot. In the post below, Mark shares bee hives (complete with honey and bee larvae) wrapped in banana leaves being cooked over an open fire. “The larvae are stuffed within this hive,” says Mark in his video. “Wow, it just bursts with juice with a honey sweetness! The entire thing is way juicier than I had imagined. It’s like chewy scrambled eggs with a honey flavor. That’s just the pure thing!”

Now try and name one food blogger you’re currently following who has ever tried to encourage you to eat a roasted bee hive. You’re right, you can’t. Welcome to the Superbowl of food bloggers!

5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

Erin Ireland – @erinireland

It’s not unusual for Vancouver-based food blogger and chef, Erin Ireland, to post Instagram photos of gooey cheese pizzas, decadent burgers topped with crispy bacon, or indulgent, creamy desserts. But what is unusual is that everything she shares is 100% vegan. And her followers, which include celebrities like The Bachelorette’s Jillian Harris, simply can’t get enough.

“It’s funny how I was scared that going vegan would end my food-blogging career, and now I’ve completely built my career on it,” she told alive magazine. Erin has built a multimedia empire around her plant-based meals, with a focus on pure simplicity and practicality. You won’t need a Whole Foods budget or complex shopping list to make her magical vegan meals, but you will need a giant appetite. No matter what your personal thoughts on veganism are, it’s hard not to become instantly hungry when you see her daily Instagram stories.

Interspersed with her food posts are educational posts about the effects our diet has on our world. You’ll come away inspired, educated, and very, very hungry.

5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

Francess Quinn – @frances_quinn

Frances won the fourth series of The Great British Bake Off a few years ago and since then, her Instagram has been a diabetic’s living nightmare. If you have a sweet tooth, this Instagram account will give you instant mental cavities.

From Hot Cross Bun Burgers (the burger patty is actually a brownie with marzipan cheese) to rustic wedding cakes, Frances brings creativity and a rebellious outlook to the world of Instagram desserts. And if you think her follower size is big, wait until you see her Jaffa cake. It is the world’s largest, according to the Guinness World Records, and measured more than 4 feet across requiring 14 pounds of eggs and 33 pounds of dark chocolate.

5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

Claire and Rosemary – @authenticfoodquest

Think of it as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but without the road crew and cameras. Family members Rosemary and Claire set off to take a culinary road trip. Their account showcases the authentic, local cuisine of more than 32 countries and 30+ American states. If you’ve ever wanted to see how the locals truly dine—and not just what’s portrayed in visitor guides and tourist booklets—this account is hollering your name.

They love to share local ingredients and the true story behind dishes. You might even get a history lesson, like how Spain is famous for the most expensive ham in the world (Jamon Iberico de Bellota) yet the pigs are actually raised in Portugal. Grab a map, then click “follow.”

5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

Edward Smith – @rocketandsquash

Do you even cook, bro? Edward Smith combines elegant photos with sumptuous food, all with a masculine twist that shows how the kitchen isn’t just for the women. And if you’re wondering why his photos look so polished, Edward is a bestselling cookbook author and an illustrator, so following his account will fill your feed with artistic food shots that you’ll want to blow up and put on your wall.

His twist on cooking? Taking classic British cuisine and adding a modern flare, proving that there’s more to the UK’s food scene than blood sausage and spotted dick. (That’s not a typo – spotted dick is an actual UK classic!)

5 Food Bloggers Who Will Make Your Mouth Water

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