#FlashbackFriday Feature: Coca Cola Life x #paid

Happy Friday, guys! This week we are flashing back to our partnership with Coca Cola Life, one of my fav #paid campaigns of all time. Creators were tasked with creating lifestyle content that incorporated Coca Cola Life in a way that felt authentic and natural for them in their everyday routine. With so much creative freedom, we were excited to see the final results…. and when we did, we were floored. They were engaging, beautiful, and exactly what we were hoping to deliver to the client. In the end, everyone involved considered this campaign to be a total success. Below is a sample of some of the content produced for this campaign. We incorporated 27 creators and 3 different types of media- still photo, cinemagraph, and video. Enjoy!

Featured creators: 1. @aniab 2.@michelle.jobin 3. @artfuldesperado 4. @foodiesparc 5. @aniab 6. @bookhou



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Anna Kate is a lifestyle, food, and booze blogger living in New York City. (Find her on Instagram @kissmysthrnsass.) She is also the creator + content marketing manager at #paid. 

Featured image by @asim_overstands