Featured Talent Manager: Sara Koonar of Platform Media

An influencer manager has the ability to bring new opportunities and take away a lot of the day-to-day tasks that bog down creators. Sara Koonar co-founded Platform Media with her partner, Daniel Ocean a year ago, and has since grown to boast a diverse roster of creators. She chatted with us about the relationship and benefits between an influencer, an agent, and brands.

Sara Koonar

Source: Platform Media

What was the inspiration behind starting Platform Media?

SK: We wanted to create an agency based on high quality content, that would help brands to create believable social media campaigns. We felt that a lot of partnerships we were seeing on social media didn’t feel authentic and wanted to change that with a focus on talent who we believed were storytellers above just being influencers.

What is your company’s goal when working with brands and influencers?

SK: We always want every campaign to be a win-win. For the influencer to create captivating and trustworthy content their audience will love, and for the advertiser to be proud of the way we are delivering their message and promoting their product.

What should an influencer look for in an agent?

SK: Someone who is going to go out there and bring them opportunities they wouldn’t have before. An agency shouldn’t ask the influencer, “What are you making right now?” But should approach them and say, “this is what I can do for your business.”

As a manager, what do you look for in an influencer?

SK: Someone with a strong voice, has quality photography, a great storyteller, and has an engaged audience.

Describe how it’s beneficial for an influencer to work with a manager.

SK: For influencers who are looking for new opportunities, who wants to be part of a reputable roster, or would like to spend more time focused on content and less on negotiations, a manager is a great option.

Describe how it’s beneficial for a brand to work with a manager instead of reaching out to influencers directly.

SK: The benefit to working with an agency is to be able to book several influencers, while dealing with one person. What sets Platform apart is myself and my co-founder, Daniel Ocean, are content people. I am a former magazine editor and Daniel is a designer and blogger. So when the client is talking to us to negotiate the campaign and deliverables, they are speaking with someone who fully understands the process, both on the business/sales side and content side. I think that’s been a big factor in why clients enjoy working with Platform.

If you’re already an established blogger or influencer, will a manager help elevate your career?

SK: It can take a lot of the grunt work off your plate and allow you more time to focus on your content and growing your audience.
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