Featured Influencer: Los Angeles Photographer Scott Reyes @losangeles

This Week’s Featured Influencer is Scott Reyes.

Meet Scott, a Los Angeles photographer behind the Instagram page @losangeles. His stunning feed takes you beyond the picture perfect palm trees and shorelines that LA is known for. Be careful though, if you scroll too long his pictures might convince you to pack your bags and move to the City of Dreams.

Scott Reyes @losangeles Instagram Account

Where are you from?

I’m from sunny Los Angeles, CA.

How did you grow up?

I’m originally from South Central Los Angeles, the hood. But I grew up all over LA and had the opportunity to experience how diverse the city is from a very young age. It’s definitely a unique city and we have the best tacos ever.

Scott Reyes @losangeles LAX Airport

What were you like as a kid?

I was really into skateboarding and street art. Graffiti was my first introduction to art.

What were you doing before you were creating?

I was traveling all over. I lived in SF, NYC, Boston, DC, and backpacked through Mexico. This was all before Instagram even existed.

Scott Reyes @losangeles skateboarding venice beach

Scott Reyes @losangeles rooftopping

How did you get started?

I got my first smart phone about 4 years ago and I started snapping away with my iPhone. This hobby turned into a passion and I started taking it serious about a year ago. Everything has been happening so fast!

What are your creative goals?

For now I’m just trying to grow as a photographer. I achieved my popularity through urban exploration photography here in LA, but I’ve recently taken an interest in fashion and portraiture. You never know what you’re going to learn next and it’s exciting!

Scott Reyes @losangeles hollywood sign

Scott Reyes @losangeles blinds portrait

What are your dreams?

I want to create an online publication. I see Instagram as a tool to generate traffic and influence. Because I have the @losangeles handle I see potential in turning it into the go-to page for people traveling or for people who live here to get info on the city. And not your typical tourist stuff, but things that catch the attention of my peers, of my generation, the Millennials.

I think there’s a stereotype that LA doesn’t have a culture, but everyone’s too busy stuck in traffic to notice the things going on around them. Eventually I see myself becoming a source for people to see what it’s like to live here, what we’re wearing, what we’re eating, what we’re listening, where we’re going, what we’re doing. But it will all be photo based with short captions. I want to be the Hypebeast of the West Coast.

What inspired you to create?

The fact that I was homeless straight out of high school and how it scared the shit out of me and if it wasn’t for photography and art in general I would have never gotten myself out of that situation.

Scott Reyes @losangeles BMX bike venice beach

Scott Reyes @losangeles abandoned warehouse couch sofa

What will you be doing in 10 years?

I hate this question. People are constantly evolving and changing and growing. It’s hard to determine what you’re going to be doing 10 years from now. It’s always been like that for me. I’m not so focused on the destination but more so how I got there. Life’s rad, man.

Scott Reyes @losangeles venice beach waves

What do you want to be remembered for?

I haven’t thought about this yet, but so far I’d like to be remembered for my photos. I think I’m an okay photographer, but I pride myself on my work ethic, my ability to create relationships with people, and creating good business for myself and others.

Scott Reyes @losangeles rail tracks

What is your creative process?

I just go out and shoot. I grab my gear, ride my bike around, and shoot. Maybe grab some food. I try not to follow a constructive plan, I just go out based on how I feel.

Scott Reyes @losangeles venice beach structure

Scott Reyes @losangeles girl in car

What type of person is your ideal collaborator?

Sometimes you have to be one with your inner YOLO and if you’re on that same wavelength then it’s only the universe saying “you two were meant for each other.”

Scott Reyes @losangeles abandoned bed

Catch more of his work here.


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