Featured Influencer: Dance Choreographer Chase Constantino @chasinglife

This week’s Featured Influencer is Dance Choreographer @chasinglife, Chase Constantino!

Meet Chase, a performer and choreographer who has performed on stages across North America including as a contestant on the show, Canada’s Got Talent. Although he is a Toronto native, Chase is often on the go performing in different cities and sharing his travels with his 28k+ followers on Instagram. He also runs the fashion blog chasingtrendz.com as an outlet for his passion in design. Get to know more about him below!

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife Chase Constantino Account

Where are you from?

I am from Toronto, Canada, of Indian and Greek descent.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Middle East, came to Canada and have been involved in Arts and Performance arts since I was 4.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife zombies

What were you like as a kid?

I was always an outspoken opinionated kid. I had to be involved in all clubs or lead the clubs. In school I loved drawing, singing and acting. As the youngest child I created quite a bit of trouble and got my way.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife photoshoot chair

What were you doing before you started creating?

I am a dancer and choreographer. I left a life of marketing after graduating school to follow the passion I had in the Arts.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife performance

How did you get started?

I won national competitions in dance, which gave me a lot of press and then moved to compete in Canada’s Got Talent with my Bollywood Dance Company.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife Bollywood Dance Company

What are your creative goals?

I would like to expand my reach in Fashion by not only operating my blog but also selling my designs. And for dance and being a personality, I plan to expand my reach through videos on YouTube.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife Fashion outfit

What inspires you to create?

Honestly, the world and art by other people inspires me to create. I love seeing the world and experiencing different things. I like learning and seeing what other people can create and I want the world to see what I can create too and enjoy my contributions to this world.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife Winter Fashion Shoot

In 10 years what will you be doing? and Why?

Traveling, choreographing, acting, designing. Because it makes me happy.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife YouTube Fanfest

What is your creative process?

I am actually all over the place. I do a million things so I am constantly on the go and my mind is a million places. The key to it all is a to-do list.

Where do you get your best work done?

Starbucks, perfect balance of noise and silence. And of course music that I won’t get up and start dancing too as a distraction.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife black outfit fashion

What type of person is your ideal partner or collaborator?

Creative, fun, smart, and caring, no one that is trying too hard or is fake. I enjoy genuine souls.

What are some of your favourite places in the world?

Florence- one of the most beautiful and romantic cities, Pelikas in Greece had the best experience there meeting people and living life. Trinidad, the balance of fun and beauty and great experiences with some artists I met. I am sure I will find more as I keep traveling.

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife Tyrico Bay

What are some of your favourite things?

Exotic foods, candy, my camera, and friends. They all make me happy- wait are friends considered “things?”

Dance Choreographer @chasinglife friends

Check him out on Instagram here.


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