Featured Influencer: Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner

Meet this week’s Featured Influencer of the Week, comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner!

Kurtis Conner is a Vine Star, YouTuber and Comedian. His Vine account has over 302 million loops and 304.6K followers. If that isn’t enough, he has also attracted a huge following on other social media networks: Twitter (nearly 56k followers), Instagram (over 82k followers) and YouTube (27k subscribers). We catch up with Kurtis and find out how he built his brand online and where he plans to go from here!

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner Instagram Page

Where are you from?

I am from Hamilton, ON.

How did you grow up?

I grew up on the Hamilton mountain where there wasn’t really much to do other than go to the convenience store or see a movie, so I was pretty bored a lot of the time.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner tumblr party

What were you like as a kid?

I was incredibly shy as a kid. I only had a few friends, because I was so scared to go and talk to other kids.

What were you doing before you started creating content?

I was writing short stories and trying to get into stand-up comedy. I loved writing and coming up with something no one’s ever made before, but I just never had an audience before I started doing things online.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner speaking

How did you get started?

When I found Vine, I started messing around with it and I got like 1,000 followers and freaked out. I just kept making Vines and it took off for some reason! Once that happened, I just branched out to YouTube and Instagram.

What are your creative goals?

I want to have my own comedy series, tour North America, act in movies/television, and put out an hour special. There are so many different things I want to accomplish and I think that’s how every creator should feel.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner Vine HQ

What is your creative process?

Some days, I can think of dozens of great ideas, but sometimes I’ll go a week without having a good idea. I’m pretty driven though, so I’m always trying to think of ideas.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner Summer Plans

What inspires you to create?

It’s going to sound cheesy, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t create. I have a constant need to create things or think of the next thing I want to create.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner Vine Account

In 10 years, what will you be doing?

In 10 years, I’ll be hopefully living in California. I’ll have my own show, a few specials, and hopefully my own movie. I want to still be creating content online as well.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner POV looking onto the street

What are your favourite tools?

I use a program called PowerDirector and I love it. It’s great to see how much a video can improve with a little post-production. I get my best work done at home, late at night. If it’s dark and the only thing I’m focusing on is my work, I can accomplish a lot.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner portrait

What are some of your favourite places in the world?

I am in love with Los Angeles. I went there a few months ago and had the best 10 days of my life. I also really love Seattle and Vancouver. Both of those cities have the same vibe and they’re very enjoyable to experience.

Comedian Kurtis Conner @kurtisconner Beverly Hills

What are some of your favourite things?

Mac & cheese, fruity pebbles, and specialty root beers are a few of my favourite things. They aren’t healthy at all but they’re nice little rewards for myself when I do something noteworthy. I also love skateboarding, re-watching The Office, and playing Zelda.


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