Featured Influencer: Toronto Photographer Claud @claudto

This Week’s Featured Influencer is Claud, @claudto.

Meet Claud, a Toronto photographer beautifully capturing the ins and outs of the city’s downtown core on his Instagram feed. His combination of night and day shots seizes the everyday movements and routines of the bustling Financial District. We catch up with him and find out more about his journey as a photographer and how it all originated from a smartphone.

Toronto Photographer Claud @claudto Instagram Account

Where are you from?

Toronto raised me!

What were you like as a kid?

Being the oldest of 3, I always had to set a good example for my younger sisters! My parents immigrated to Canada for a better lifestyle, which at times required them to have 3 jobs at a time just to try and achieve that. So from a young age I’ve had more responsibilities than your average kid!

Toronto Photographer Claud @claudto Plane shot

What were you doing before you started creating?

I’ve always been creating! I’m a lover of all arts, my first passion was drawing! I love music, although I don’t play a single instrument, at the best I’m a shower vocalist haha.

Toronto Photographer Claud @claudto Streetcar

How did you get started with photography?

The minute I got my first smartphone! Everywhere I went I would take pictures! The fact that you could freeze a moment in time just fascinates me! They joy of seeing someone’s reaction to your personal perspective is truly remarkable!

Toronto Photographer Claud @claudto Get Fresh CN Tower

What are your creative goals?

To put my own perspective and touch on everyday life! To capture the things most people would take for granted and overlook, until they see it captured through the lens of a camera!

What are your dreams?

To have the world see my work! To make a living off of it, where I could provide a comfortable life for my kids!

What inspires you to create?

Aside from the passion of being creative and seeing my ideas and visions come to life in a photograph form, I love seeing people’s reactions and their interpretation of my perspective!

What are your favourite tools? Where do you get your best work done?

My Nikon D7000 and Lightroom! Anywhere that I can zone out and just concentrate!

What type of person is your ideal partner or collaborator?

The type that’s creative and always striving for new perspectives and ideas! Anyone that is as hungry as I am to succeed! I’m ready! Question is, are they?

Check out Claud’s feed here.


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