When And How To Expand Your Team

Feeling extra stressed lately? Spending too much time on small tasks distracting you from the big picture? It might be time to expand your team! In this article, we will discuss how and when it’s time to grow.

 Signs You Might Need MORE Hands ON DECK

  • Extra stress: Working as a creator requires a lot of hard work, self-motivation, and long hours. If the stress of it all starts to get too overwhelming, it might be time to ask for help. One person can only accomplish so much in one day.
  • Missed Deadlines: A telltale sign of an overwhelming workload is missing project deadlines. Even with planning and time management, when usually easy-to-accomplish tasks are overlooked, it’s a sign you are taking on too much.
  • Lower Quality Work: You may manage to cross everything off of your checklist, but are you sacrificing quality? If you often find yourself scrambling to write or shoot just for the sake of a new post, you may want to consider getting some help.
  • Missed Opportunities: Remember the feeling of excitement you used to get every time a new opportunity landed in your inbox? Has that feeling been replaced with dread? Missing exciting, new opportunities just because you are overwhelmed with everyday tasks definitely means it’s time to consider starting a team.
  • Too much time spent on tasks you could outsource: Could your “big picture” use more of your attention? Are you too busy replying to emails, posting on social media, etc. to really focus on growth? If you are spending too much time on simple tasks that could be re-assigned, find someone who can help shift your focus!

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How To Recruit New Team Members

  • Interviews: If you are looking for local team members, try setting up in-person interviews at your local coffee shop or park. This way you can evaluate cultural fit/chemistry without being limited to email communication.
  • Fiverr/ Upwork: Don’t need someone local? Try seeking new team members through sites like Fiverr or Upwork. These websites allow candidates to post links to their previous work and even provide recommendations from other clients they’ve worked with. Outside contractors can assist with phone calls, email, social media management, and editing.
  • Utilize Your Email List: Your email subscribers are already familiar with your work and are passionate enough about it to receive your updates. Put out a newsletter with what you are looking for in a new team member and you will be sure to get a pool of interested responses.
  • Employee Referrals: Who better to generate new employees than current ones? If you already have a small team established, provide an incentive for them to recruit fellow, hard-working employees.

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Growing your team can be both a scary and exciting step in your career as a creator. Use these tips to help you decide when and how to take those next steps. Best of luck!

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