The Difference Between A Media Kit And A Rate Card

The influencer marketing world has grown substantially over the last few years—now, content creators can actually take their passion for creating content and turn it into a full time career. More brands are starting to see the value behind influencer marketing which fortunately means there are more opportunities for creators to partner with them, but it also means that creators are expected to act as professionals.

Having a media kit and a rate card are two easy ways to not only communicate who you are as a creator, but show that you are serious about your business. What is the difference between a media kit and a rate card? Keep reading.

media kit and a rate card
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What is a media kit?

A media kit is typically a single page PDF document that outlines who you are as an influencer. It is essentially your “resume” as a content creator and is something you can send to send brands and agencies so that they can better decide whether you would be a fit to work with them. A media kit is your chance to get creative and provide a snapshot of what kinds of content and level of engagement you could potentially offer brands.

Things to include in your media kit:
• A short bio
• Photo(s) of you / samples of your work
• Past brand collaborations
• Demographics of your audience
• Reach and engagement statistics
• Contact information

What is a rate card?
A rate card is a document that lists the services you offer as a creator and the corresponding rates for each service. (Example: Your price for Instagram stories, YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, etc.)

Why not include your rates on your media kit?
It is widely recommended that you keep your media kit and rate card separate so that you are able to customize your rates based on the specific brand / campaign it is for. A media kit generally stays the same regardless of who you send it to.

media kit and a rate card
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Do you have a media kit and a rate card? If you do, awesome! If you don’t, we hope this information helped you realize why you need them to build a better business.

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