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Introducing Creator Media—Realizing The Potential of Creators and Marketers Working Together

At #paid, we are building a better way for creators and marketers to work together. We call it Creator Media.

#paid has been working for the past several years on making influencer marketing a better experience for all those involved–from the marketers, the creators, and their audience. We believe there’s a lot more work to realize the full potential of what creators and marketers can do together.

The issues with influencer marketing—the traditional way.
What we’ve seen over the past hundreds of campaigns we’ve managed, the 20,000+ creators in our network, and millions of media dollars we’ve managed is that there’s a fatigue and frustration with how influencer marketing is traditionally done.

We’ve recently been speaking and seeking feedback across the marketing community, we asked the community about some of these frustrations with either working with influencers or seeing influencer marketing content. We heard from marketers that there are a lot of solutions—with little degrees of differentiation and no “perfect solution”—and it being difficult to measure the effectiveness and tracking conversions that influencer marketing generates. As consumers, we see a lot of brand collaborations that aren’t a good fit or disingenuous endorsements for the influencer and content that feels forced and lacking inspiration.

The New Way Forward—Leveraging Creators To Power Your Marketing Mix
We believe there’s a lot more value to be driven between creators and marketers, but it goes beyond the normal brand sponsored post relationship that everybody’s come to know as influencer marketing. This new approach requires a new name of its own—we call it Creator Media.

We’re on a mission to redefine the value that creators bring to marketers—which means we’re constantly learning as the landscape evolves. We’ve already identified a few areas where creators can really make an impact:

  • Great content, and lots of it: The ease and access to create content has increased exponentially with the developments of cameras, phones, drones, editing software, and more. Marketers have an ability to generate a large volume of world-class, thumb-stopping content from the best creatives who have perfected their craft.
  • Genuine stories that resonate with audiences: One of the biggest reasons why content generated by creators—when done right—hits home stronger than your typical :15 or :30 second commercial is that they bring a spotlight on real life stories and human emotion. Good partnerships between creators and brands will always stem from authentically matching both sides.
  • Data and insights that can optimize marketing performance: The beauty of our new digital age is that we have an infinite amount of feedback loops to help marketers optimize for their performance goals. By working with creators, marketers have the ability to leverage their ability to create incredible content and their online audience as a new media channel—while having the freedom to work with more creators to scale the impact of these programs, in a large way.

In sum, Creator Media is about leveraging the potential of social media creators—whether it’s working with them as an additional media channel, curating top-tier content, or developing data insights to inform the rest of your marketing mix.  

We’ll be exploring the topic of how creators and marketers can work better together and we hope you’ll join us in our conversation.

Talk to us if you’d like to learn more about what we’re building and how this could work for your brand.

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