How To Create A Collaboration Review

Creating a detailed but concise collaboration review is key when it comes to accurately identifying and explaining the specific value you provided to a brand during a campaign. Your report should include stats that illustrate how your audience engaged with your content and the brand as a whole. Creating a report like this not only provides valuable information to the brand, but will help you to understand what kind of sponsored content your audience likes most.

Having a solid understanding of your analytics will give you a major advantage when it comes to creating your collaboration review and communicating your successes to the brand. Let’s take a look at the numbers you should be watching:

Reach and Impressions

Reach and impressions speak to the potential number / actual number of people that may see your posts. This number is important because it not only encompasses your followers, but it helps you and your client understand your posts’ visibility beyond those followers. 

There are tools on platforms like that pull detailed reports on your reach and impressions that would help with this piece of the report.


Engagement is arguably the most important metric to focus on when evaluating the success of a campaign because it indicates how many followers may potentially take action on the post. Engagement accounts for more than just views/general impressionsit measures the audience’s reception of each post through likes and comments. An engagement rate of 5% or more is considered very healthy engagement. 

Top Performing Pieces of Content

It’s always a good idea to highlight the top performing posts from the campaign to give yourself and the brand a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not within your creative strategy. For example, you may get twice as many comments on photos with your face, but twice as many link clicks on flat lays. This type of information will help you both plan for future campaigns. 

Tools like Agorapulse (a platform that retrieves and organizes your social data into easy-to-read graphs), Later, Sprout Social, and Snaplytics will help you gather all of the information you’ll need to complete your collaboration review.

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