Connecting with Your Consumer Through Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

There are many things that have been said about social media, from its power to communicate the newest trends to the benefits of creating powerful relationships with influencers of all levels. But the biggest trend that social media has created—one that is powerful enough to open plenty of doors to opportunities—is breaking through the industry’s norm by using social media to connect with the consumer, both directly and through meaningful collaborations.

@ajfernando for @google is the ultimate example of brand/influencer authenticity

Aside from taking content strategies to the next level via traditional approaches, there are a few things that—as a company/brand—you may want to consider to further build those relationships:

  1. Identify your end goals before reaching out to anyone. Thinking a campaign through from all angles is crucial: which type of consumer wants to hear from you, who are the influencers that they’d like to hear about you from, and what type of incentives can you offer the chosen influencers, once you’re ready to reach out to them.
  2. Clear the marketing clutter. The market is oversaturated with all sorts of advertising, thus giving priority to the need for creativity when directing an interesting pitch to your influencers of choice.
  3. Always be driven by visually creative initiatives! Equip your influencers with high-res images and materials, as well as allow them to be as creative as they need to be, in order to achieve your mutual overall goal. The more creative freedom you give to them—the better the outlook of the campaign and the more organic the feel of it will be.
  4. Experiment with a variety of social media verticals—track and monitor engagements and gain a thorough understanding of which segments work, and which can be further tweaked to achieve best results.
  5. Create an overall message, which will attract the attention of the consumer and naturally entice the influencer to share. Make sure your message is one that is interesting and—most of all—unique. You want to stay away from stuff that’s already been done and aid in creating content that is new and exciting to hear. From there, it’ll be easier to steer your influencer’s campaign in a direction that you’d like to see it in.
Aimee Song of @songofstyle for @StuartWeitzman showing how the power of partnerships can benefit those in need

There are many more criteria that can easily fit within the topic of connecting with your ultimate consumer through meaningful influencer relationships, but one of the most important ones is to ensure that you are working with content creators that lift your brand organically. Once you have your influencers on your side—ones that genuinely believe in your product/service—you are guaranteed an even more genuine reaction from their audience. Never underestimate the power of  “The Followers”—they follow for a reason and they are smart in recognizing the truth. An influencer can be powerful, but their followers can easily take that power away, the moment they sense a “sell-out”. Make sure you choose your audience carefully—by partnering up with the creators that live the lifestyle of the product/service you are trying to sell.

Hannah Fallis Bronfman @hannahbronfman for @adidaswomen, as a loyal ambassador to the brand

In the end, your product is only as great as its following. Building a campaign, based on the needs of the market and that of the ultimate consumer, involves a ton of research and creativity when building a successful strategy. Know your history and that of your consumer, study your content creators and ensure that they all tie into the same belief—the power of your product/service to rise above the competition.

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