Dealing with negative and positive comments on social media

Dealing with Negative and Positive Comments on Social Media

Social media platforms make it easier than ever to make comments and judgments about other people. Positive or negative, we’ve all dealt with them at one point or another in our career as creators. How you handle these positive and negative comments is a major factor in determining your success in this industry. Here are some things to keep in mind next time you receive a really good or bad comment on your feed:

1. Celebrate and engage with the positive comments.
The followers who take the time to leave you a well thought out and extremely engaged comment are the ones you ought to celebrate. These are the people who make a career in social media so worthwhile. Be sure to engage with these comments by liking and leaving a positive response back. This will encourage other followers to leave similar comments on your other posts as well! Another great tip is to post your favorite positive comments on your Instagram story and shout out your followers. This encourages more positive comments and shows that you also support your followers.

2. Don’t feed into the negativity.
Although this may seem like a pretty straight-forward tip, ignoring negative comments is sometimes really hard to do. Especially when the negativity is geared toward a post you put your heart and soul into. The best and pretty much only thing to do? Do not respond to it, ignore it, and move on. Realizing that one person’s comment doesn’t change the quality and purpose of what you are posting is really all that matters.
Image: Lauren McPhillips (@thisrenegadelove)

3. Block negative followers and only follow people who make you feel good when you see them on your timeline.
Sometimes we feel obligated to follow people we may not necessarily like on social media, even when they make us feel negatively about ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with blocking or unfollowing people who make you feel that way. As content creators, we spend a huge chunk of our time on these platforms, so it’s important that we do our best to make it a positive space to create and be inspired. There is nothing worse than opening up your feed in the morning and seeing someone at the top of your timeline who gives you bad vibes. Put your positivity first – unfollow!
Image: Meghan Yuri Young (@meghanyuriyoung)

4. Know when to take a break.
Social media has a huge impact on our generation in terms of mental health. Having the ability to recognize it’s negative affects on your own well-being is a vital part of being a creator. Once in a while, it’s healthy to step away from the constant comments and comparison. You don’t have to quit forever; it can be as small as shutting your phone off for the evening or taking a weekend away from Instagram. A good mental health break can  actually lead to even better content creation later on!

5. Leave at least 3 positive, engaging comments on other people’s photos each day.
One of the best ways to combat negativity? Positivity! Challenge yourself to leave at least 3 positive comments on different people’s photo’s each day. Positivity breeds positivity, and those positive comments will definitely come back to you.

Dealing with negative and positive comments on social media
Image: Victoria Hui (@thelustlistt)

6. Surround yourself with people in the industry who understand and support you.
Having go-to people in the industry who have also dealt with the negativity surrounding social media can really help. They will not only understand exactly what you’re going through but will be able to support you in a completely different way than someone who hasn’t gone through it. Hopefully they will leave you feeling confident, no matter what the negative comments say! Dealing with negative (and positive) comments starts with having positive people around you.

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