Building Out a Content Calendar

A content calendar is one of the most valuable tools you can have as a creator. A good editorial calendar will help you plan for upcoming posts, sponsored opportunities and rejuvenating high-performing evergreen posts. A content calendar will also keep you organized, and avoid overbooking your time. Here are some tips for building out a content calendar.


Once you shoot a style post or lock down a sponsored post, add that entry into your content calendar. Add the post title, detail the type of content (whether by vertical or site section) and approximate time it will be published.

Paper or electronic

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This is a personal preference, but I like to use Google Calendar. I can look at all my blog posts, events, sponsored posts and social media promotions at a glance. It also works on my desktop, my phone or iPad. Paper sometimes helps commit things to memory, but find a system that works for you.

Organizing your calendar

I like to use colour-coding to organize my posts visually by post type. Style articles, beauty, travel and sponsored content each gets their own colour.

If you use Google Calendar, you can also create sub calendars. I have a content calendar for blog posts, another for YouTube, and another for events or reminders.

The key here is to keep things visual. When you see your content calendar visually, you will be able to see gaps in content or times where too many posts are tight.


I’ve learned this trick from my day job: if you have a big deadline coming up, set up reminders in your calendar with small tasks or follow ups to help you get the task done. You can set this up as a recurring event in Google Calendar, or make separate entries dedicated to separate tasks.

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Set time aside

Blogging can easily take over your free time, so you can use your content calendar as a way to structure and manage your tasks. Dedicate a morning to clearing out your inbox (I need to heed my own advice!) or working on your branding or media kit. I also find doing all my product flat lays in one session to be more efficient, and usually schedule that once every other week.

These tricks to build out a content calendar can help you stay on track, while also opening up more of your time to be creative!

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Natalie Ast is a Toronto-based student-at-law and fashion blogger at Nataliastyle. From suits to sneakers, she loves sharing her style tips with a young professional twist.
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