Brands That Are Killing The Instagram Caption Game

Captions are just as important as the photo. Very often, the caption will seal the deal on whether a user will engage with your post or not.

Here are 4 different brands that have used captions to elevate their messaging and attract engagement. They each have extremely different styles that will give you some ideas for your next post! #captiongamestrong

1. WITTY & SARCASTIC: Frank Body


Frank Body is a coffee-based skin care brand that has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram. Most of their photos are customers using the scrub or holding the packaged product.

But what really puts their Instagram page over the edge are their witty and entertaining captions that subtly tie back to their product.

frank_bod dog Instagram caption“When you’re in the shower and your scrub is in the cabinet. Remember babes, my scrub packs are waterproof so they can live in the shower all the time.”

frank_bod bae Instagram caption“That awkward moment when Bae has something on her face and you don’t know how to tell her.”

frank_bod couples Instagram caption“Couples that scrub together don’t just stay together they actually like each other.”


2. SIMPLE & CASUAL: Taco Bell

Taco Bell Instagram photo

It’s quite obvious that Taco Bell has devoted serious time and effort into their Instagram strategy (over 766,000 followers). Most of their high quality, colourful photos are focused around a menu item and if you keep scrolling you begin to notice a theme in their captions as well. Taco Bell has chosen to keep the language very simple and casual, each caption is only about 3-6 words long.

Overall it is a great example of how to say something amusing while not over-doing it.

Taco Bell Instagram caption Tag someone“The “The way he looks at her.”

  Taco Bell Instagram caption Everyone laugh “Okay, now everyone laugh.”

Taco Bell Instagram caption Family Portrait“Family portrait.”



General Electric Instagram

It is pretty common to see companies on social media using popular Internet phrases and slang in captions to appeal to a larger audience. However, the industrial company, General Electric, does the exact opposite (they have over 217,000 Instagram followers). Each caption is a large paragraph explaining the science and technology of the photo.

Perhaps you would need to have a natural interest in engineering and technology to actually read through them. But ultimately, it is a great example that you do not need to dumb down your captions to garner an audience that engages.

General Electric Instagram caption jet engine   “…the GE90’s fan case is installed with acoustic panels that helps with noise reduction, giving it the lowest noise signature of any engine in its thrust class.”

General Electric Instagram caption, GEnx engine“A “A GEnx engine prepares for a production run as it’s brought into the indoor test cell, locked into frame and suspended from the ceiling.”

General Electric Instagram caption, turbulence control structure“…the sphere serves as a wind shelter for controlling wind intake during simulations of engine distress.”


4. STORYTELLING: Humans of New York (HONY)

Human of New York Instagram

There is arguably no Instagram page that tells better stories than Humans of New York, which initially began on Facebook. Creator, Brandon Stanton, started an amazing trend when it comes to captioning. His interview-styled captions always brings his portraits to life and there are many other brands that now use this formula. After all, everyone loves a good, human-interest story that inspires and provides a new perspective.

There is no doubt that storytelling captions garner engagement, HONY has 5 million Instagram followers to prove it.

Human of New York Instagram Caption Fashion industry

I always wanted to be someone in the fashion industry. Maybe a stylist for the magazines. Instead I’m working as an office assistant at a pharmaceutical company. Though I must say, I think the office looks better because of me. I’ve been handing out tips. People are sprucing up a bit more. Some of the ladies are trying new lipsticks. We’re loosening up.”

Human of New York Instagram kids have moved out

The kids have moved out. It’s like we were in a routine for twenty-five years, and now it’s come to an end. Suddenly it’s just the two of us. There’s nothing else to focus on. It’s been a rediscovery process. So we just bought some hiking backpacks. We’re going travel the world, and we’re not planning ahead.”

Human of New York Instagram catching some rays“Just catching some rays.”



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