The Best Tech Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Influencers aren’t the only ones showing off their skills on Instagram anymore. From Google to Microsoft to Apple to Amazon to Squarespace, some of the world’s leading tech giants are paying special attention to their audience’s need for thoughtfully created content and doing a great job. Need some serious feed inspiration? Keep reading!

1.  Adobe

@Adobe‘s feed is the epitome of inspiration

You’d never guess Adobe was a software development company by simply looking at their pictures. Adobe strategically uses Instagram to showcase the features of their various programs; from mobile editing apps like Adobe Spark to professional software like Lightroom, the multi-brand company uses their social channels to inspire their audience to adopt regular use of their products.

2. Squarespace

@Squarespace regularly features stunning content from its own users

Squarespace was initially intended to be a website building tool for professional photographers and videographers, so it is no surprise that the company has such a beautiful feed. They not only use Instagram to shine light on their site’s ability to build custom web pages with minimum effort, but also feature IG accounts of people who have actually used the software to build their own site.

3. Go Pro

@gopro‘s feed is sure to inspire wanderlust in the most adventurous of travellers

GoPro’s Instagram feed is a one-stop shop for all things travel, sports, and entertainment. Similar to Squarespace, GoPro pays homage to thousands of skilled creators around the world who have used a GoPro to capture their adventurous lifestyle. If you’re looking for some serious inspiration, you definitely want to follow along.

4. Tech by Guff

Tech by Guff gathers all of the latest within the digital tech world in one place

The Tech by Guff website delivers updates and information on all things technology across the globe. From new inventions to banking to online shopping, Tech by Guff’s Instagram keeps you in the know with fun facts and images. Looking to learn more? Their website expands on all topics posted to their feed.

5. Tech Insider

@tech_insider is a one-stop “source for the most interesting tech and innovation content in the world

Similar to Tech by Guff, Tech Insider is one of the best sources on the web for the latest in technology, gadgets, and innovative ideas. Interested in tech developments in relation to current events, politics, the military, and scientific exploration? Stay up to date by following along.

6. Made With Code

@MadeWithCode encouraging more women to develop their coding skills

Made with Code is an account created by Google meant to encourage more women to join the world of coding. This account is full of information and inspiration for females who are either involved in tech or want to be. If you’re interested in coding, tech, and equal opportunities for all, this account is for you.

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