When Is the Right Time to Become a Full-Time Creator?

You’ve made a successful side hustle out of blogging. When you’re not working your full time job, you’re consistently focused on building your brand. You know you’d definitely benefit if you were to become a full-time creator, but the anxiety of leaving the security of your salaried job always stops you. So, when is the right time to take the leap and become a full-time creator? How do you transition from stability to uncertainty? Here are a few things to think about before you do it:

1. Do You Have Steady Blogging Income + Sufficient Savings?

Don’t drop everything until you’re making a consistent enough income blogging to cover all of your expenses. If you’re netting $3k in brand deals one month and barely $500 another, it probably isn’t the right time yet. Avoid stress and the possibility of defaulting on your bills by waiting until you are making a steady and consistent stream of blogging income. It is also imperative you have enough saved to hold you over in the months where you might not have as many opportunities.

2. Are you constantly turning down opportunities?

A lot of work goes behind a sponsored post, and it sucks not being able to take on a project because you don’t have time to plan, shoot, and edit a post while commuting and working your 9-5 job.

If you find yourself at a point where you have to keep turning down potential opportunities, it may be time for you to consider becoming a full-time creator. Turning down opportunities means slowing down the growth of your business. If you’re taking your social media career seriously, you should be taking every chance to advance it—nothing should hold you back.

3. Do you have plans for the future?

Do you ever plan on expanding into new mediums (like video) or new verticals (like food, beauty, travel, etc.)? Are you considering starting a business based on your brand as a creator? Ever plan on transitioning into a mommy/daddy blogger one day? You don’t necessarily need to have all the details ironed out yet, but it’s good to have some sort of idea of where you’d like to see your social media career go.

It’s scary leaving a “safe” salaried position to follow your dreams, but knowing when to make the jump should definitely help calm some of your nerves. Stay authentic to your brand, work hard, and never stop reaching for the stars.

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Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Diary of a Toronto Girl. Find her on Instagram @jessicailam. Jessica is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.