How to Balance Out Organic and Sponsored Content

With influencer marketing on the rise, brands and marketers are always looking to partner with popular Instagram creators to help enhance their strategy. Now that you’ve put in the time and built your ‘gram up to the point where you’re receiving offers from brands, being able to strike a balance between organic and sponsored content is crucial to your continued growth. Knowing how and when to include sponsored content will become more important as your account grows and you gain the trust of your following.

Select brand partnerships who share your values

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating an image for yourself that you can be proud to show off, so make sure that you choose to partner with brands who feed into this. Brand partnerships that are aligned with your aesthetic and views will allow you to create sponsored content that flows seamlessly with all other posts.  According to a consumer survey, 59% of digitally savvy women say sponsored posts feel fake when the content is inconsistent with an influencer’s feed, so don’t be afraid to turn down partnerships when you don’t feel a connection with the brand.

Don’t flood your feed with sponsored posts

It may be tempting to accept every sponsorship offer that comes your way—especially when the perks are good—but sharing an excess of paid content can lead to distrust with your followers, slow your growth, and hinder your potential to work with other brands. Be careful to include non-sponsored images throughout your feed to ensure that your followers trust your opinion when it does come to sharing those that are branded. Try to keep things to a ratio of 3-4 organic posts to 1 sponsored post to prevent your feed from becoming oversaturated.

Choose campaigns that speak to you

It can be tough to turn down a campaign, especially when the offer is good, but make sure that you think through before accepting. Does this campaign speak to your brand? Although the company you’ll be partnering with might feel like a good fit, some campaigns will make more sense in terms of your feed than others. If a campaign doesn’t work with your organic content, don’t feel the need to jump on it—it will seem out of place with the rest of your posts and your followers will definitely be the first to notice.

Be Authentic

If you want sponsored content to flow with your organic posts, authenticity is key. Forbes has noted that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news. When sharing a sponsored post, let your personality show through and be honest about how you feel. In order to find a balance between organic and sponsored content, you have to allow for consistency between all of your posts. Changing your views on certain topics or products that followers have come to expect will create a discord between these.

When it comes to your Instagram feed and personal brand, make sure you think through all sponsorships carefully before you post; ensuring that your organic and sponsored content flow and are complementary to each other will allow for a harmonious, authentic feed that both brands and followers can trust.

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