How To Balance Blogging As A Full-Time Student

Being a creator is a huge commitment… but so is being a full-time student. Both require tons of time, attention, and hard work. Juggling two full-time commitments not only takes energy and determination, but hours of planning and strategizing. If done right, the results can be extremely rewarding.

Here are a few things you can do as a full-time student to ensure that your side hustle is on-point:

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Having a detailed calendar is imperative to managing your time as a full-time student and creator. A calendar will not only keep your school assignments in order, but will allow you to fully plan your posts ahead of time. And remember, don’t overbook yourself! If you know you need to do a lot of studying the week before your final exams,  schedule your posts ahead of time. A calendar should not only help you plan, but prioritize.

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Spend Your “Free Time” Wisely

Being a full-time student means that your schedule is already packed with classes, group meetings and study sessions, making it almost impossible to find free time to dedicate to your blog during the day. Instead of waiting for a free moment, schedule them! If you know you always have a thirty minute break between classes in the mornings, use that time to catch up on your social media engagement. Have a long bus ride home? Use that to start drafting your next post. Don’t waste your free time day dreaming, use it to chase your dreams!

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Always have a Plan B

Swamped with homework and behind on your posting schedule? Just don’t have the time to write this week? Don’t leave your audience empty handed! Always have a Plan B. For instances like this, always try to have some “evergreen” content on hand to post. As the name implies, this type of content lasts forever, so you can post it any time.

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