Why amplifying your message with a seasonally timed story is crucial

One minute you’re in. The next minute you’re out.

Today, more than ever, brands and influencers both need to remain relevant. This simple reason alone is why it is crucial to amplify your message with a seasonally timed story. It is no surprise that content is the driving force of any brand (be it personal or corporate), and there is nothing worse than content that has missed the mark or is behind the times.

It is important to build a story and message that relates to the changing seasons. It proves that your brand is on its game and is aware of the world around it. It also proves that your brand is thinking one step ahead and remaining relevant.

So, how do you plan your content and messaging out beforehand and play off the seasons that are on the horizon?

Here are three simple steps your brand can take to ensure it is amplifying its message with a seasonally timed story:


Understanding consumer search behavior is the very first thing you should do to map your content calendar. With Black Friday just behind us, searches for sales were at an all time high. Brands that sell products tend to put additional effort into this time of year to generate more revenue as they understand that consumers are constantly searching for the best sales. They won’t know that your sale exists unless you tell them that it does. Influencers also tend to expect the most traffic at this time of the year and place their efforts on rounding up the best sales to draw their readers in. Brands and influencers can then collaborate to take advantage of this great time of the year to amplify sales and drive a growth in revenue.

Creating a content calendar is the next step you should do to keep yourself accountable for these optimal times of the year. Not only will it help keep you organized, but it will allow you to remain relevant with the upcoming changes and seasonal messages that are on the way.

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Not sure where to start? Begin by filling in the important holidays and dates that are newsworthy (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, first day of spring etc).

Dig a litter deeper and fill in the days that are more socially relevant (ie. National Friends Day, International Women’s Day, National Ice Cream Day). Some of these may seem silly but they are a very easy and social way to connect with your customers and amplify your message through social media.

From here, it will be much easier to brainstorm proper messaging and seasonal campaigns that relate to upcoming seasonal events and important calendar dates.

Learn more about building a content calendar and use this free template

Goal Setting: Where are you now and where do you want to be?

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Setting goals as a brand is an important way to measure success. It is an even better way to know where you expect to be in the future and thus where your content should be headed. For example, if you plan to launch in a new city by a certain date, your brand messaging and content will need to be amplified for that city in that season.

Strike when the iron is hot

Your brand has so much more potential to amplify its message with a seasonally timed story by striking when the iron is hot. Every brand has a different high time (and low time) and recognizing when that is for you and your seasonal content is a must.

For example, if you are a fitness brand or influencer, you know that the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January are a very important time for you. People are setting those yearly fitness goals and you only have a few days to strike and capture these new customers or readers who are looking for a new fitness routine to follow.

Additionally, the months of April/May are equally important as people begin to realize that summer is on the horizon and they didn’t stick to those new year resolutions they set back in January.

Recognizing these seasonal moments for your brand is crucial in amplifying its messaging and story to consumers.

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Getting customers and followers to understand and connect with your brand message may seem like a challenge at first, but amplifying it with seasonally relevant stories will not only get your target audience to easily convert into customers, but also loyal brand advocates.

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