5 Ways to Organically Grow Your Audience

5 Ways to Organically Grow Your Audience

I am frequently asked about how I grew my personal Instagram account (@tracy_komlos) and tips for other women looking to do the same. In order to remain competitive, today’s social media creators must continue to find ways to stay relevant and stand out from the crowd. Here are some insights into what I did to organically to grow my audience over 60K in the last year.

1. Engage, engage, engage

It may seem tedious and time consuming but for me the most effective way to organically gain social media followers was by engaging with others online. I strongly recommend getting out there and interacting with other accounts. Find other users that align with your brand and content by searching up hashtags. From there, “like” their content and leave genuine comments on their posts to start building meaningful relationships with these accounts. Commenting will expose your account to people who are interacting with posts that are similar to your own. This is the most time consuming, but most effective way to get your profile in front of new followers.

2. Consistency and quality content

Brand consistency is very important for a successful social media presence. Some simple tips for keeping consistency are making sure that your content, tone, and voice, reflects your brand aesthetic. Along with this you want to make sure you are only sharing top-quality content. Although it is important to post frequently, it is crucial to be selective about what you’re sharing. Posting quality is more important than posting quantity. Quality content engages your audience and is more likely to get a like, or a share which in turn boosts your ranking and reach more followers. By creating a well-branded page, you can ensure that your audience is able to recognize it quickly and easily.

3. Use social media stories and go live

Instagram Stories and live-streaming can seem a little intimidating, but they should absolutely be part of your social media strategy. These on demand videos gives your audience a better understanding about who you are, and helps to foster a deeper and more personal relationship with your followers. Creating this kind of content will help get you featured in Instagram’s Explore section which reaches a much larger audience and will draw in many more contacts. Facebook also places a priority on video content and Facebook Live garners the most reach compared to other content formats. Finally, Twitter videos offer your audience a break from reading long messages via the short messaging format. You also can create a live video on Twitter directly from the app and the video will stream through your Periscope account as well, which will help grow your following on that platform simultaneously.

4. Host a giveaway to thank your followers

A foolproof way to engage a larger audience is through contests and giveaways. A way that my company Pangea Dreams would do this is by offering a chance to win, say, a pair of sunglasses… where users are asked to tag a friend, share, comment, like and/or follow to be entered to win. This sort of tactic will help to expand your reach, increase impressions and draw engagement. While offering something for almost nothing is an assured way to attract a large following; the products, services, or experience you’re presenting must be aligned with your brand aesthetic. This helps to increase the likelihood that new followers are real prospects interested in what is being offered but who also enjoy the content that you post.

5. Go on a Pangea Dreams Retreat

By participating in one of our Pangea Dreams Retreats, you will connect and work with like-minded female social media enthusiasts who share your passions and dreams. Our intense workshop sessions hosted by industry experts throughout the retreat help to educate attendees on topics such as social media strategy, content creation, growth, engagement, and so much more! The inspiring women on the trip help to motivate and continue to support you on your way to success. Having that community of support makes all the difference in this competitive social media environment. Pangea Dreams Retreats is your one stop shop for all things digital media related!

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Tracy is a wanderlust who has lived in 6 different cities around the world (LA, Barcelona, and London to name a few). She has partnered with various tourism boards before launching her own travel retreat designed specifically to help other content creators grow, Pangea Dreams. Find her on Instagram under @tracy_komlos. Tracy is a member of #ThePaidCrew.