5 Amazing Instagram Accounts Using #Architecturelovers

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts to Follow Using #Architecturelovers

Do you appreciate amazing architecture around the world? Here are 5 Instagram accounts to follow, representing some of the best of those using the #Architecturelovers hashtag.

1. @etna_11

Instagram Accounts to Follow @etna_11

Jeanette Hägglund (@etna_11) is a photographer based out of Sweden. Her minimal feed of unique architecture viewpoints, which are usually complemented by a clear blue sky, will keep you scrolling. Her feed showcases the beauty of simple lines and curves of modern day buildings.

2. @fab_d

Instagram Accounts to Follow @fab_d

Belgian photographer, Fabian (@fab_d), posts both indoor and outdoor architecture snaps on his page. The shot above was taken in a building in Liège, Belgium. Expect a diverse feed from him featuring stunning shots of European architecture, spiral staircases, and nighttime long exposure shots.

3. @fodsel_official

Instagram Accounts to Follow @fodsel_official

The woman behind @fodsel_official is a design lover based out of Paris. She has an eye for geometric patterns and abstract lines. Plus, she can make a row of balconies look like a fine piece of art. If you’re a fan of symmetry, you will fall in love with her perspective and attention to shapes and patterns.

4. @duncluk

Instagram Accounts to Follow @duncluk

Dunc Luk, @duncluk, is a photographer based out of Hong Kong. His amazing feed of residential buildings showcases the population density of the bustling city. Dunc embodies what it truly means to be an urban explorer as every one of his shots provides a new perspective of life in Hong Kong.

5. @goerss.de

Instagram Accounts to Follow @goerss.de

Berlin photographer, @goerss.de, keeps it classic with clean, black and white architecture shots. He uses sharp lines and symmetry to highlight the ins and outs of Berlin, often while using natural light and shadows to make his subject pop.


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