4 Social Media Content Management Tools To Maximize Efficiency

Content management is a very diverse space, as everyone is finding there is a constant need to be releasing content on so many different platforms. So here are 4 different social media content management services that take different approaches to managing either content you want to publish, or content that is already published.

1. Buffer

Buffer uses Facebook and Twitter to schedule posts for you, and provides you with analytics after their release. The free version is great for any basic digital campaign, and the paid plans provide with some very interesting analytics to help drive your social engagement beyond belief.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite takes a similar approach as Buffer, however it takes the extra to centralise all of your social media platforms. Yes. All of them. Blogging services to location sensitive apps, to file sharing, Hootsuite tackles it all. It integrates with your browser to give you a social media experience like no other.

3. RebelMouse

RebelMouse is a recent find of mine and it works really well when you want to centralise your social stream for your followers in a quick and easy way. You’re able to pull content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into one feed, whether it is your content or your follower’s content. It creates a social hub that you can embed on any standard blog, or that you can link to, through the RebelMouse site.

Example: My colleague Sarah runs her own personal blog and had a blank space to fill on her home page. Her solution was to fill it with her Instagram feed and RebelMouse was the perfect tool to do that really quickly.

4. Storify

Storify organizes content from any website or social media platform to tell a story, as the name would suggest. It makes it easy to curate the best content in order to provide context and order to the mess that is social media conversation and discussion. An excellent tool to showcase the best content from any social media activity.

Example: As a nominated series for best Transmedia, The March Family Letters needed a place to centralise their content and showcase how much thought was going into their storytelling, and storify was the perfect tool. Check out an example of their “Story Roundup” here: https://storify.com/theMFLofficial/story-update-june-15


Kelly Kitagawa is a Badass blogger/vlogger/strategist/Director and Queer Feminist Freak.