4 Keys for Marketing to Millennials

Gotta love this mediocre stock photo of a "Millennials"
Gotta love this boring stock photo of “Millennials”

Marketing to millennials becomes increasingly difficult with the massive variety of platforms and media they have access to and engage with. Read some best practices to increase your brand’s reach to millennials in a genuine way to create long-term customers.

1. Create an engaging experience.

Instagram has been on fire in the last few years because it allows users to turn everyday experiences into beautiful works of art. This form of expression has fueled a rapid appreciation for experiences. Your brand can take advantage of this trend by creating your own engaging experiences.

2. Don’t just advertise to millennials.

Traditional methods of advertising don’t work like they used to. A TV commercial or banner ad won’t engage millennials so you’ll have figure out how to offer them value on their own terms. Marketing should be fun and engaging. Don’t just put your product in front of someone and ask them to buy, create content that adds value.

3. FOMO is your friend.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can be used to your advantage. Turn your customer into a brand advocate by offering an experience they can’t help but share with their friends. Their friends will be envious and will want to join in your next activation and share a similar experience.

4. Make your brand personal.

Millennials expect to relate to brands on a personal level so your brand must be engaging and authentic. They are smart consumers with a heightened bullshit detector. Create a brand persona that relates to a millennial at their level. The look, tone, and feel of a brand is critical if you want it to be followed on social media as much as online celebrities are.

Marketing to this generation is drastically different than before, but one proven method has been to integrate influencers within a brand’s marketing and communications plan, as its own media channel. You get a roster of influencers who act as brand ambassadors for you, while distributing your message through the influencer’s network. Win-win.

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