3 Things Brands Can Learn From The Movember Campaign

November – The aftermath of Halloween, lead up to Christmas, American Thanksgiving and… oh yes… Movember!

Movember is one of the only campaigns I can think of that gets people involved, is picture worthy and resurfaces every single year while still creating some type of buzz. Not to mention, raising money and bringing awareness to important men’s health issues!

Since its inception in 2003, the Movember movement has grown to become one of the largest charitable campaigns. Here are 3 Things Brands Can Learn From The Movember Campaign and apply themselves.

1. Create a call to action

Find a simple action that ties in with your brand’s message and overall campaign goals. Then ask your audience to participate. Although growing a mustache is a noticeable change, it is completely doable and entertaining at the same time.

2. Make room for your audience to tell your brand’s message 

People love to share their own experiences with others. The Movember Campaign invites its supporters to be a part of the story, but personalize it along the way.


3. Build a campaign around shareable content

Most people enjoy sharing photos and life updates with their online networks. If your campaign can create something simple, yet interesting enough to get people engaged, your brand could be the next trending topic on social media. Other great past examples of campaigns with sharable content are Coca Cola’s Share A Coke Campaign and the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge.



Beza is #paid’s Community Lead