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In this episode, we talk with Bryan Lewis, CEO and Founder of The Sweat Club, a subscription eCommerce fitness brand focused on women’s activewear. They just launched to the public, so you’ll hear about the trials and joys leading to Day 1.

How did the launch go? It was a pain in the ass. They launched a month late. Of all the brands he launched, Bryan says this was the hardest. He was never going to have ass it.

Always be networking. That’s how Bryan connected with Bree, his Chief Creative Officer, and part of the founding team. Why this role? Why her? Because Bryan isn’t good at content creation, and you have to hire for areas that you’re weak — that’s foundational to build a 50MM+ brand.

Why not launch with subscription right away? Customers want to see what they’re purchasing, so they’re giving customers some time to see, feel, and try the clothing before going live with it. He learned this from his previous company, FabCrate.

Start with why you’re making a garment. If you focus on that, it’ll help you make good manufacturing decision. Another tip, share your vision with vendors early! That will get you better terms, and more leniency when it comes to minimum order quantities.

What’s Bryan’s philosophy on funding? if you’re in eCommerce, figure out how to cover your costs, then try and get net terms with vendors, and then try and get some funding. Don’t raise too much money, only raise what you absolutely need. Having less money helps you make better decisions.

When it comes to user experience, the buying process should mimic the feel you have when you engage on Instagram. After buying, people should get a phone call, and all unboxing material should be high-quality and made from sustainable material.

The vision is large! Bryan wants The Sweat Club to be about everything sweaty — The amazon of fitness. Keep an eye out for more products and services from them, like yoga studios, supplement hydration, and more. If you think fitness, he wants to associate that with The Sweat Club.

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