The power of creators on TikTok



A colleague asked me to share my lens on the power of creators on TikTok.A few thoughts :

1/ TikTok reminds me of Instagram in 2014. Back then, when popular creators posted, their whole audience saw it. The "organic reach" was strong. Creators drove major lift (sales, downloads, etc) through organic reach alone. TikTok is like this today. Organic rules.

2/ On TikTok, content matters more than followers.Why? Default view is the "for you" page, an algorithmic feed filled with content from people you don't follow. Virality is built into foundation of the network. Good content will be seen—regardless of audience size.

3/ TikTok is more about expression vs. curation.The app has amazing creative tools and they marry song with all content. The stories you can tell are more robust than a static photo w/ a caption. This presents a huge advantage for brands to get super creative with creators.

4/ TikTok isn't over-saturated with ads or creators promoting brands, yet.Quite simply, it's easier to break through the noise. The ocean is blue and shiny.

5/ TikTok skews younger. But young people drive culture. If your brand can become popular with culture-driving teens, those in their 20's with more buying power will follow what's cool.

6/ TikTok is the most exciting thing that's happened to social since the early 2010's.And yes, we're cooking up something special to democratize access to the creator economy on TikTok here at @hashtagpaid. Stay tuned.