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In this episode, we talk with Erin Frey, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Frey, a sustainable clothing care company turning the detergent category on its head.

Walk down the aisle of the detergent section, and you’ll see the same thing on both sides—branding that perpetuates outdated stereotypes about who does the laundry.

The opportunity is huge. Think about it, the razor industry is a fraction of the size of the laundry detergent industry, and on top of that, Frey is expanding the market by appealing to groups outside of the laundry category.

Part of their approach to customer acquisition is partnering with high-end clothing retail partners. These partners are open to offering clothing care products in their stores because Frey’s brand skews luxurious and pairs well. How does it work? They charge a nominal fee for samples, and then continue the relationship with new customers online, and try to convert those sample users to full customers.

There’s a review war happening between Frey’s customers. They’re trying to out do each other. Great problem to have.

They started in the basement with some chemistry sets. So it was a big milestone when they started working with a top chemical manufacturing company in the US, and then got a warehouse to store and ship their products.

Getting into Y Combinator was another milestone, which lead to a 2MM round (that took 10 days to close).

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