TikTok Masterclass: How brands and creators can create unforgettable content

Join TikTok powerhouse Jessie Jacobson—the creative force behind RunGums TikTok strategy—as she guides us through how to master this platform.

Jessie is here to help you understand: 

1. TikTok basics

2. How brands are building community and increasing engagement with TikTok

3. How to reach new audiences organically and build a following

4. What 2022 has in store

5. A live Q &A with Jessie

Sit in on this chat with Jessie as she shares insights that helped her grow Homesick Candles' TikTok following from 0 to 10k in 10 days! 

December 7, 2021

12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PT

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December 7, 2021

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Jessie Jacobson
Founder at growithjessie Inc.
Maxime Houde-Shulman
Sr. Program Success Manager