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In this episode, we talk with both founders, Phoebe Yu (CEO)and Kat Dey (President), at Ettitude. They’re on a mission to change the world, one sleep at a time.

Ettitude stands for eco attitude. It’s the perfect name because they promote sustainable bedding and lifestyle products made entirely from Bamboo.

Why Bamboo? Phoebe says, “it’s a wonder plant.” It requires way less water than cotton, doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and when you harvest the plant you don’t need to cut the root (which means you’re not damaging the soil).

Some people call it vegan silk because it’s as smooth as silk, but the worm isn’t disturbed.

Because they’re on a mission to change the world, they’ve partnered with 1% Percent For The Planet, One Girl, and CO2 Website.

Phoebe needed a partner to expand into the United States. She found Kat Dey, who shares the Ettitude’s values, and Phoebe’s founder mentality.

The duo says that balancing sustainability and growth isn’t that hard. Use technology, and make it happen—it’s a founder’s job to make it happen. The journey there is hard, filled with difficulty, but doable.

The brand is resonated in the US—the product and the message. They’re seen incredible growth in sales, and customer reviews are incredibly positive.

Going direct to consumer has given them the ability to get feedback and iterate their products and packaging quickly—like software companies. The DTC model is just way more efficient for them.

They’ve opened up a store, and it gives them the opportunity to educate people in person. They can share personal stories, and let customers touch and feel the products. People are driving as much as two hours to come and visit the physical location.

They’re also partnering with several other brands who share their values and mission. Sometimes, they’ll have their partner products in store to showcase.

Kat was pregnant when they pitched VC’s for funding. She shares what that was like, and talks about being a mother, and balancing her work and home life.

Her daughter Anna made her become even more environmentally conscious. She’s more aware of the products that come into contact with her baby, and it makes her think about what she’s purchasing.

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