Bite Toothpaste — Founder & CEO, Lindsay McCormick


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In this episode, we talk with Lindsay McCormick, CEO and Founder of Bite — Toothpaste Bits. Her company is reinventing toothpaste — fully sustainable dry tablets (instead of the paste most of us are used to).

How did she start?

She was working as a TV producer for House Hunters (yeah, the TV show). She was travelling all over the country, and soon realized that she was going through those little plastic tubes at a rapid pace. That didn’t line up with her values—conservation and sustainability. So she did something about it..

She’s not a chemist. She had to learn all about making toothpaste. She credits her deep knowledge with free online chemistry courses that she has enrolled in over the years. #hustle.

She tells us about the initial burst in demand, marketing, and fundraising.

Balancing profitability, customer experience, and sustainability is a large task. Lindsay shares some practical ways that she uses to keep her mentally and physically well.

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