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Helping brands reach new audiences

We're passionate about providing a simple & elegant influencer marketing solution for brands.

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A New World Collective

There are those, known as influencers, empowering themselves to do what they love for a living through #paid. They’re the content Kings and Queens. The unique voices. The childhood heroes. The new age creative artists. The ones who allow the entire world to experience their art and storytelling on a daily basis. How are we different? Why are we doing this? Because there’s a palpable difference between selling out and souling out and we live that difference every single day.

Hashtag Paid is now in over 80 countries

100+ Countries

Producing authentic, honest, and engaging content around the world.

Our Values

We value authentic, honest and engaging sponsored collaborations.

  • Keeping it Authentic

    The key experience for both brands and influencers starts with finding the right influencers who represent the brand and believe in what they are promoting.
    When people believe in the things they create, content is much more impactful and resonates much more effectively. It’s better for the brand, the influencers, and their audiences.

  • Always being Honest

    Proper disclosure is the principle that relationships between influencers and the brand should always be clearly and conspicuously stated in every post.
    Not only is it a best practice, but it’s legally required in most regions.

  • Truly Engaging Content

    People don’t like being sold to, but content that helps, delights, and entertains does.
    When you work with our influencers to create content they blend your products or services into their lifestyle and capture people’s hearts and minds.

Current Openings

We’re always looking for talented individuals. See each posting's details for instructions on how to apply.

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I'm a marketer